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Rocker drummer Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy spoke with Comic Book Resources last month during his visit to WizardWorld Chicago about his love of comics and some of his influences musically, including Earth Crisis and other political bands.

CBR: There are a lot of celebrities, especially lately, who have proclaimed a vague affection for comics, given that superhero movies have recently helped bring that genre and indeed the comic book medium to the public eye. However, they’re not all truly genuine in their appreciation of the medium. What sets you apart as a successful musician who happens to like comics?

Andy Hurley: I guess what sets me apart is I grew up reading comics. My brother kind of passed down his Marvel collection. It’s the same way I got into Star Wars and into music. That was kind of the legacy that was passed down to me. Once I got into punk rock in high school, I kind of had a phase where I wasn’t into comics as much, and I wasn’t really reading them. And that was when Warren Ellis kind of had his first run on “Transmetropolitan” and later “Planetary” and “The Authority.”… That’s what kind of reignited my faith in comics.

“When Fall Out Boy started we were all in hardcore bands together and the scene was getting so negative and so worthless. I got into hardcore because of Earth Crisis and Unbroken – a lot of political bands, and then punk because of Propagandhi and all of that stuff because of Rage Against the Machine when I was really young. I was really politicized and I had a reason. I mean, I’m vegan/straightedge still and that’s really important. In the end it was all just fashion and kids were idiots and the music was garbage and it just wasn’t saying anything anymore and I think it was a total bum-out.”

To read the entire interview, go here.

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