Quantcast Vegetarian StarStaind Aaron Lewis “Dream Season Celebrity” Hunting Horrors

Staind singer Aaron Lewis is becoming a locavore.

But don’t get too excited, because the only local food he’s harvesting requires gutting and draining of blood.

Lewis said after watching the documentary Food Inc., he’s come to appreciate the value of harvesting his own food.

“I have never killed anything that I did not eat,” Lewis said. “Even when I was a kid with a BB gun, being all irresponsible and shooting squirrels and robins, my dad made me eat it all. I’ve always believed if you kill something, you have to eat it, so you better make sure it tastes good. I hunt white-tailed deer. That is my favorite. I have also hunted turkeys and have done upland bird hunting, too, like pheasants and quail.”

Now, Lewis wants to showcase his, ahem, talents on television by participating in The Outdoor Channel‘s reality TV hunting show, Dream Celebrity Season.

The program will pair celebrities with everyday hunters and compete against each other as teams.

Perhaps they will also choose team names like “Cruel and Crueler” or “Cheney and His Next Victim.”

Lewis went so far as to say “Bring It On” when questioned about possible negative reactions from anti-hunting and animal rights groups.

Hope Lewis never says that to any of those Missouri deers that sometimes fight back.

Of course, vegetarians motivated by environmental reasons would argue that killing your own food doesn’t damage the planet like factory farmed meat.

Are you a veg that wouldn’t mind eating animals killed in the wild quickly, painlessly and that didn’t go to waste?

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7 Responses to “Staind Aaron Lewis “Dream Season Celebrity” Hunting Horrors”

  1. Numetallover Says:


  2. KillerOfAll Says:

    You people are ridiculous. People have been killing and eating animals forever. What’s the problem? It’s the circle of life. Can’t think of anything greater than slamming an arrow behind a bucks shoulder and being able to take him home for my family to eat. This is America and hunting here is a way of life, and always will. As for us rednecks, don’t mistake our kindness for weakness, it might bite you in the ass. OMG, really.

  3. KillZone Says:

    I think it is damn sexy that lewis is a hunter. Love his music and he is very good lookin. Glad to see all celebrities arent all LA nose in the air too good for people. It nice too see there are still some true rednecks still out there

  4. Kat Says:

    lol Killzone, you need to find something better to do down there in the ozarks than trolling the internet. Glad to see the lifestyle is still keeping rednecks busy….

  5. Kat Says:

    P.S. I’m not against hunting completely, I think it’s better to do that than getting your meals from a drive thru window, but the ‘thrill of the kill’ mentality is a more than a little sickening. Devaluing life whether it’s an animal or human is not a moral trait no matter how you spin it.

  6. Willow Says:

    I agree Kat..hunting for sustenance with respect and gratitude and taking only what you need is a completely different thing than sacking a trophy just for the hell of it.

  7. Sassafras Says:

    Willow and Kat- thanks for your reasonable respect of our heritage. For the record some do chase the trophy animals. The simple reason being is the trophy animals are almost always the oldest and wisest animal. There are those who hunt “game preserves” and penned in hunts. However, please know that the majority of outdoorsmen and women do not condone yet despise these individuals.

    To kill the animal is anticlimatic. It is the end of the process. The majority of us have a deeply rooted respect for the animal we hunt, kill, and eat that cannot be experienced outside of actually doing it. To be clear the kill is a must, but the chase is the spirit inside every human being that is irreplaceable because of eons of the human race doing it.

    I assure you, most outdoorsmen and women are deeply involved in the conservation and furtherment of the wildlife and natural places far more than the average citizen. Both in effort through work and conservation dollars. At the end of the day our heritage lies in the hands of you- the general public. Please stay reasonable in your views. And know that our public land system is there and you have many resources with a wide system of people who will take you and show you the heritage we call hunting.

    To observe and view nature is one thing. We as outdoorspeople are always doing this. However, to partake in nature: to be the predator and prey is something deeply ingrained into the human soul.

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