Quantcast Vegetarian StarTravis Barker Brings His Pops To The Vegan Side

Travis Barker Brings His Pops To The Vegan Side

Written by Vegetarian Star on October 25th, 2009 in Food & Drink, Male Musicians.

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Travis Barker interviewed with Radio Big Boy where confirmed our suspicions that he’s back to eating vegetarian since he quit the diet briefly after a plane crash last year.

Travis has also been toying with veganism, citing the facts he’s learned about the dairy industry as his motivation.

Plus, he’s recruited dear ol’ dad in the game.

RBB: You off of meat again, Travis?

Travis: I’m almost full blown vegan now.

RBB: Cause you were vegan before the accident.

Travis: I was vegetarian. I’ve pretty much cut out dairy as well.

RBB (joking): I was just about to offer you a glass of milk.

Travis: Once you find out all the crazy stuff with dairy, you’d probably second guess it too, man. My pops, he’s a Vietman Vet, hard core, old school-he used to make fun of me cause I didn’t eat meat…Now after being on tour and going to some of the spots, he’s at home trying to find vegan spots in that area.

To hear the entire interview, including Travis’ thoughts on the death of his friend DJ AM, visit Radiobigboy.com.

The vegan conversation starts at Part 3.

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