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AFI Hunter Burgan Loves Vegan Cheese Sourdough Bread

Written by Vegetarian Star on September 30th, 2009 in Food & Drink, Male Musicians, Male Singers.

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But make sure you wash your hands before making it for him if you’ve sneezed recently.

Hunter Burgan,bassist for AFI known for his sarcastic, witty, and downright ridiculous comments on his blog or during interviews, shared with buzznet.com what he’d love to put on his sandwich.

Buzznet: If we gave you sourdough bread and you could put anything on your sandwich what would it be?

Hunter: It would be very thoughtful of you. Thanks! (I might melt some vegan cheese on it, or maybe marinara sauce if you didn’t give me vegan cheese.)

But Hunter’s quite a germaphobe, so never do something like cough and touch his sandwich. Or stab him.

“I hate it when people sneeze into their hands and then place them inside my mouth. I also hate being stabbed to death…that’s a pet peeve of mine.”

And to all ladies without eyes, sorry, you’ll have to find another man.

“The first thing I look for is eyes. If a girl doesn’t have eyes, it’s a no-go. (my apologies to all the girls reading this without eyes).”

Read more, find out when AFI plays near you and possibly determine if Hunter’s been eating too much moldy sourdough bread from his answers at buzznet.com.

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