Quantcast Vegetarian StarJason Mraz Does Vitamineral Green For Breakfast

Jason Mraz performs at Le Zenith, Paris

Vegan singer and musician Jason Mraz has recently revealed on his blog what he consumes for the most important meal of the day.

“The secret to a great day is how you start your day. And for the past year and a half I’ve avoided eating a heavy traditional breakfast. Instead, I merrily jumpstart my day with the ever-so-awesome Vitamineral Green from Healthforce Nutritionals”

“One heaping scoop of this stuff in the morning provides an insane amount of goodness for the body. The powdered greens (from dehydrated plants and algae among other things) taken by itself is enough to live on. It goes straight to the blood and straight to the brain and stays with you all day. I stir mine every morning with ONE-Brand Coconut Water, but I prefer to blend it also with some Flax Oil, Freelife Goji Juice, Avocados, Maca Spice (the Peruvian Viagra) and a few dates. I even do Cayenne pepper on mornings that I want something savory. The flavor options are unlimited and there’s no way you can overdose on the stuff.”

“Think about it for a second, would you rather start your day with something fattening and/or sugary that ends up around your waist or deep in your ass, or would you rather feel light and energized with a glow that people can recognize? Remember, you are what you eat.”

Healtforce Nutritionals is a 100% gluten-free product company that is probably anointing Jason’s feet with oil now that they’ve gotten such a big plug.

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  1. Daily Dose of Goodness: Vitamineral Green Says:

    […] About a year ago, Linda and I and some dear friends got to go see Jason Mraz live in San Jose.  It was an awesome show; he is a phenomenal talent.  Leading up to the concert I was listening to and watching as much of his music as I could.  And of course, checking out his guitars and stage rig.  I love his signature model Taylor.  I love how he uses his DL4 for some vocal effects.  He also usually has a small table on his right.  On it, there is usually a yellow travel mug-type container, and a tall glass jar with some type of green fluid.  These intrigued me and I began to research the mysterious on-stage drinks that he was consuming.  The yellow mug is still a mystery, but I found the contents of the glass jar:  Vitamineral Green (along with some other ingredients mixed in as described here). […]

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