Quantcast Vegetarian StarHappy Vegan Day Georges Laraque!

Happy Vegan Day Georges Laraque!

Written by Vegetarian Star on June 1st, 2009 in Athletes-Games-Sports.

NHL All Star Mascot Breakfast

Today is the day NHL player Georges Laraque turns vegan.

The Montreal Canadienes enforcer had been vegetarian for some time and recently told the Montreal Gazette he planned to go vegan on June 1st.

Georges has already blogged about his activism, participating in an anti-fur protest in Canada.

Making the plunge which involves eschewing dairy, eggs, and even certain types of clothing can be a challenge. Some may find themselves “going vegan” several times before they get it right.

Think Georges can pull it off? Give us your thoughts!

Wishing you a wonderful, animal-free life, Georges!

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5 Responses to “Happy Vegan Day Georges Laraque!”

  1. Janet Ross Says:

    It’s great to have anyone go vegan but especially noteworthy when an athlete does so with all of those protein myths still hanging around. Great job, Georges! Your activism is inspiring. We miss you in Pittsburgh.

  2. Tom Samworth Says:

    I wish Georges all the best. I’ve always been a fan of his hockey style – tough physical play but with skill as well. Now he’s coming through to smash the stereotypical, mythical image of a vegan being undernourished, weak and generally unhealthy.

    Living in Canada and being surrounded by savage meat eaters that happen to all love hockey, it will be nice this coming winter to point out that the 255 lb. man in the Canadiens jersey knocking the crap out of the inferior goon in the Leafs jersey is a ‘vegan freak’ like me!

  3. Brien Comerford Says:

    The compassionate vegetarian Georges Laraque is the best fighter in the NHL in addition to being the most humane player in the NHL. He also has good hockey skills.

  4. Hank Says:

    He’d better start eating some serious soy and bean-based food cos he will need it. Ain’t no protein in a salad.

  5. Vegan Athletes? | Dallas Vegan Says:

    […] also one of my new favorite hockey players – Georges Laraques – NHL tough-guy who recently went vegan after watching a powerful movie. I’ve watched hockey […]

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