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Bristol Palin: Sins Of The Mother Warrant PETA Baby Shower

Written by Vegetarian Star on January 8th, 2009 in Children, Politicians.

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Bristol Palin, the daughter of the infamous former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is one of the latest victims of PETA.

Well, depending on how you look at it, she may or may not be, as it looks as though they’ve given some cute, innocent gifts to her and her newborn, Tripp.

A few months ago, Sarah made a statement to someone in the media (media appearances always get her into trouble, just take a look) that she and husband Todd “never met an animal they didn’t like – to eat or shoot.”

This obviously rubbed PETA the wrong way and besides throwing snowballs at Sarah, they responded to the Palin predicament by sending daughter Bristol these “gifts.” You could call it a “PETA baby shower.”

Bristol’s late Christmas presents include a baby outfit that reads, “Gives Peas A Chance”, Ingrid Newkirk’s 50 Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals, and her latest One Can Make A Difference book as well.

Oh, and we can’t forget the nice letter recommending Bristol and Tripp stop eating the wolves her mother shoots from the sky and go vegetarian.

Some say PETA has gone too far¬†and that Bristol is an innocent teenage girl who’s never publicly made statements similar to her mother and shouldn’t be targeted as such.

Then again, you could call it PETA just doing its job.

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One Response to “Bristol Palin: Sins Of The Mother Warrant PETA Baby Shower”

  1. Natasha Says:

    PETA has not gone to far. Those animal haters that are saying that need to get a heart. PETA is fantastic.

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