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2008 Voodoo Experience - Day 3

Singer Michael Stipe and guitarist Peter Buck of the musical group REM are both vegetarians, so it shouldn’t come as a surprised that they’d be concerned about the food options while on tour, whether it’d be backstage or in a hotel.

When Stipe and Buck took part in a discussion before a show about how much fruit and vegetarian food was going to be at an after party, a journalist joked that maybe these terms meant something else. In the world of rock and roll, there are often code words for drugs, alcohol, and women.

Nope. Fruits and veggies really do mean fruits and veggies. Boring, but true.

“It’s about respect,” Buck said, referring to ensuring vegetarian options were available.

Stipe once owned a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar in Athens, Georgia, where the group all met up as students. It closed, but he is now the owner of the building which houses The Grit, a successful veg eatery in the same town.

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6 Responses to “REM’s Michael Stipe, Peter Buck Have Vegetarian Code Words”

  1. Beanz Says:

    Never knew Michael owned a veg restaurant. Frickin cool. When in Georgia, I’ll have to stop by The Grit.

  2. LJ Says:

    This is awesome. I absolutely love Michael Stipe and REM! I like it when you feature rockers, like the one you did on Boston. Keep it coming!

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  4. Mac Says:

    Sadly, saw Michael Stipe on the show “On the Road Again-Spain”, with Gwenyth Paltrow. Didn’t catch the show from the beginning but he seemed to be enjoying among other things, ham and lamb dishes. What’s the deal?

  5. Veg Star Staff Says:


    Not sure, Mac. Maybe Stipe flexes (flexitarian)?

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