Quantcast Vegetarian StarTravis Barker Barking Up Meat Tree For Recovery

Travis Barker Barking Up Meat Tree For Recovery

Written by Vegetarian Star on October 9th, 2008 in Male Musicians, Not So Vegetarian.

Former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker survived a nasty plane crash and thankfully is on his way to a full recovery.

Although he’s normally a vegetarian, he’s temporarily eating meat because he feels it will help him heal faster.

“Because I was a vegetarian, for my first three surgeries, it was hard to get any of my grafts to take to my real skin,” he said. “I have such low levels of protein. I need protein from food rather than just protein supplements. I changed my diet. I would do anything I possibly could [to get better]. They said, ‘There’s a possibility you might heal faster if you do eat meat or just change your eating habits.’ So I did.”

While we feel there are plenty of ways to get protein in from non-meat sources, it would be awfully insensitive for us to jump on a man after being in such a horrible crash. So we’ll wish one of our favorite tattooed rockers a speedy recovery when he can once again go back to the veg lifestyle.

via MTV News

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10 Responses to “Travis Barker Barking Up Meat Tree For Recovery”

  1. Adam Kochanowicz Says:

    Insensitive? Insensitive? How about insensitive to the animals who have to die for his excuse to fix his arm? Travis obviously has no introduction into the process of healing which requires ample calories, not protein.

    As a vegetarian website, you should take a more responsible approach. It’s bad enough that you’re advocating a diet which is inclusive to animal products.

    Go Vegan, Shame on Travis Barker.

  2. Tracie Says:

    As a vegetarian blog, I thought for sure that you guys would have said something about this other than just posting the article.

    His reasoning is detrimental to the advancement of people’s understanding of the vegetarian/vegan diet. It just plays into the myth that you can’t get the proper amount of protein unless you eat meat and being one of the more high profile rockers, you’d think that he’d pay more attention to what he says.

    If he personally feels that he has a better chance of healing by eating meat, then that’s fine but don’t blame it on not getting enough protein from vegetarian foods – because we all know that’s inaccurate. Soy, Tofu, Faux Meats, Nuts, Peanut Butter, Grains, Fruits, Veggies, and tons of other things all contain sufficient amounts of protein. It’s not the diet you follow, it’s the nutrients that you eat. I’m sure there have been many omnivores that have a protein deficiency from not eating a balanced diet.

    With that said, I do hope that he gets better – he just needs to think about what he says.

  3. Veg Star Staff Says:

    Hi Tracie and Adam,

    Thanks for stopping by. We did throw our 2 cents in about what we feel
    really should be on Barker’s hospital menu:

    “…While we feel there are plenty of ways to get protein in from
    non-meat sources…”

    But we also feel it’s better to take a positive approach to it, rather than
    getting too nasty all the time.

    “…he can once again go back to the veg lifestyle.”

    Sometimes being too critical does more to turn people away from being
    vegetarian than to turn them on. But we respect and welcome all comments,
    including the ones that state we should have taken a stronger stance on this.

  4. jay Says:

    you guys are stupid, and no u can’t get enough protein from vegies to sufficientley replace your skin grafs

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  6. Adam Kochanowicz Says:

    First of all, who cares about vegetarianism. You want to save animals? Promote veganism.

    I’ve heard this “it scares people away” argument plenty of times. The argument goes that we should restrict ourselves from taking an objective approach and instead look the other way when celebrities demean the diet. It goes that we should restrict ourselves from using our ample resources and population of supporters to promote the complete, vegan approach and instead prescribe vegetarianism, a diet which does not recognize the rights of animals nor does it advocate that they are not to be used.

    The idea of change is going to scare people. Deal with it. What comes of this is some timid vegetarians making veganism look extreme and unnecessary.

    I mean look at your site? “Vegetarian”? “Meatless”? This is a joke! You’re further strengthening the idea that animal rights is about animal flesh and nothing else. You should be supporting the vegan animal rights movement instead of demeaning it.

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  9. David Says:

    I have been under the impression that aggressively assaulting someone would lead to further aggression and on and on into a vicious cycle. How does behaving in such a manner inform and teach anyone anything about the benefits of choosing to not eat meat? Outlashing and anger or frustration combined with behavior akin to extremists or radicals, or any other controversial much of anything does nothing to benefit anyone, for any purpose, and will likely detract from your message in the first sentence or two. Fevered egos do not justify any cause, no matter how excited you get or passionate you feel, they just dont. Sorry.

  10. Natasha Says:

    Doesn’t he know how to do research? Theres so many protein foods. Lazy isn’t really an excuse.

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