Quantcast Vegetarian StarNASCAR’S Leilani Munter Is Self-Described “Vegetarian Hippie Chick”

Move over Danica Patrick. A new female is taking the wheel for race car driving and being ecologically responsible about it as well.

Leilani Munter, who served as a stunt double for Catherine Zeta-Jones, is a NASCAR driver who describes her mission as “a vegetarian hippie chick race-car driver’s journey to be carbon neutral.” 

Besides being a veggie goody two shoes, for every race she runs, she buys an acre of rain forest, to offset the carbon footprint. She has an energy solar home with rainwater storage, solar water heating and composting systems. In addition,  she’s spent the past several weeks on Capitol Hill showing her support for Joe Lieberman’s Climate Security Act. While doing all of this, she still manages to blog at Carbon-Free Girl.com

“There are some fans it rubs the wrong way: They don’t like it that I’m promoting An Inconvenient Truth because they think I’m a weird, greenie, vegetarian chick from California.”

“And I get letters from people asking, ‘Can you tell me how to go about ‘adopting’ an acre of rainforest?’ And every time I get an e-mail like that I feel like I’m making a small effect … even though I’m not in the top level of IndyCar or NASCAR, where I could be reaching a lot more people.”

Only 32 years young, she has been on the cover of several magazines, plus featured in Vogue and Esquire, and FHM gave her the “the hottest woman in NASCAR” title.  Hopefully, “the greenest driver in NASCAR,” will continue to have influence on people involved with the sport.

via Journal Now
Photo Credit: Nzcowboy13

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