Quantcast Vegetarian StarJacques Pepin Defends Foie Gras And Paula Deen Cooking

Jacques Pepin

Of all the celebrity chefs who’ve warmed up to the plant-based lifestyle, Jacques Pepin is still not one of them.

The master of French cuisine recently spoke with Bay Area Bites when he touched on the subject of California’s foie gras ban that goes into effect July 2012 and Paula Deen‘s grease fest southern cooking.

“They have no idea what they are talking about. And the worst is that they are righteous,” Jacques said of officials who created a ban that makes it illegal to “force-feed a bird with the intent of enlarging the animal’s liver “beyond normal size” or to “hire a third party to do so” and suggested similar measures to improve animal welfare standards like those in chicken slaughter were also ridiculous.

Californians who miss their foie gras should just indulge in Paula Deen’s butter dipped bacon delights and not at all be concerned that the Food Network chef’s health problems may be a consequence of the lifestyle she’s promoted on television.

When asked if it was any of the public’s business if Deen has Type 2 diabetes–abnormal blood sugar levels closely linked to poor diet and lack of exercise–Pepin responded, “No, it’s not right. That’s the way she cooks — just like many other people in the South, like me occasionally — and this is a condition people get. Who knows, if she lived in Provence and cooked the Mediterranean way that she wouldn’t have the same condition anyway? We are cooks, we aren’t doctors.”

No, Pepin isn’t a doctor and apparently doesn’t keep up with health news or he’d know that a Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes grains and vegetables, reduces the incidence of Type 2 diabetes and reduces the need for Type 2 diabetic drugs.

Please, Pepin, stick with cooking and stop dispensing medical advice and practice adapting that recipe for animal-fat laden Beef Burgandy with Tofu Bourguignon instead.

Photo: Rocky Yeah/Creative Commons

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  1. Julie A Says:

    Wow, you are really angry and bitter. People are entitled to their opinions whether or not you agree with them. You only make people think less of animal rights activists when you twist someone’s words around like this.

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