Quantcast Vegetarian StarStephen Colbert Pokes Fun Of PETA’s Sea Kittens Campaign

Stephen Colbert thought it would be fun to satirized PETA’s Save The Sea Kittens Campaign, and gave a “Tip of the Hat” piece of advice to the animal rights group. 

“Save The Sea Kittens” is designed to get people to stop eating seafood by making fish seem as cute, adorable, and intelligent as cats.

Colbert admits that normally he’s not a fan of PETA because if “scientists can’t squirt shampoo into a rabbit’s eyes, then how would I know what shampoo to squirt into my rabbit’s eyes,” he sarcastically said.

Stephen decides to rename other animals with vegetarian names so that they’ll seem more acceptable to eat, including calling cats “landfish,” cows “field potatoes,” and owls “sky nachos.”

The “Tip of the Hat” starts after a minute and a half into the video.

Safe to say he’s not buying into the campaign. Bet Jeremy Piven is, though.

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17 Responses to “Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun Of PETA’s Sea Kittens Campaign”

  1. Julie van Niekerk Says:

    Then why not call human children fruit names and then Stephen can tell
    us how his child taste. Afterall, we are overpopulated. Stephen, it is a
    pity that you are not alone in you idiotic sarcasm. Your kind should become

  2. Amena Says:

    Colbert is a disgusting excuse for a human being, even at his 4-year-old level. Four years old = “name-calling”. Yuck.

  3. fizzle Says:

    Oh, come on, people. “Sea kittens” are freaking delicious, especially when fried and served with chips.

    Stupid vegetarians. You care more about animals than you do other people.

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  5. michael angel Says:

    An outrageous campaign to gain attention

    however this one is directed at children and is therefore ‘one step too far’
    Look at the site. Play the games. Read the bedtime stories.
    You judge if you want kids sucked into this zealots’ cause.

  6. PETA-is-a-PITA Says:

    That was great!

    PETA is nothing more than an extremist group. They do absolutely nothing but make outlandish claims and dream up half-baked ideas just to get press.

    They don’t actually DO anything positive and I for one love to see them ridiculed! Sea kittens? Really?

    Pass me another order of Sky Nachos please!

  7. seliara Says:

    really you PETA retards, you are the bell curve

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  9. Wow Says:

    I can’t help but laugh at the people that are condemning Colbert. THE SHOW IS A COMEDY SHOW, ITS A JOKE, GET OVER IT.

    “An outrageous campaign to gain attention” Hahaha… please tell me all vegetarians are not this stupid.

  10. Isaac Ponder Says:

    Fish are here to eat, plain and simple. all you PETA supporters are idiots if you think animals are more important that humans. I love my dogs but hell, I love my family more.

    You guys seriously need to get a grip on reality. PETA’s campaign is a disgusting brainwashing attempt at our children.

  11. Tom Says:

    after Petas horrible objectification of women, I’m not surprised they would stoop to this level

    Peta – working hard to make sure men care about the food then women

    granted I could use a few more Peta advertisements, those naked women are hot

  12. Mike Says:

    I’m a vegetarian and I think PETA is insane.

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  14. Flu-Bird Says:

    PETA idea is as rediculous as the idea from some idiot MICHEAL W. FOX who wanted PET SHOPS to be renamed COMPANION ANIMAL SHOPS I mean PET SHOP takes up less space on a sign and is most likly less expensive and the whole idea to rename PETS as COMPANION ANIMALS is rediculous and silly

  15. Ashton Says:

    Prove fish are here for us to eat. And why are animals so much less important than humans? Humans are animals. You’re such an egomaniac, seriously.

  16. Tom Style Says:

    Colbert is great! This sea kittens campaign does nothing but reduce PITA’s credibility. Simply foolish.

  17. peta still sucks Says:

    People Eating Tasty Animals: Dumber than cockroaches since 1980

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